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Central America’s Electric Sector: The Path to Interconnection and a Regional Market

Central America’s Electric Sector:  The Path to Interconnection and a Regional Market
The Central American Electrical Interconnection System or SIEPAC is set to take-off after decades of planning and work.  While not yet optimal, the system could provide the foundation for transborder resource planning and integration which are fundamental to creating economies of scale in power generation, transmission and distribution across Central America. Challenges do remain though before the participating countries can realize the benefit of a truly regional power market and the economic development and increased trade that flows from this. 

The Venezuelan Elections: How Can PDVSA Recover?

On July 1st, Hugo Chavez announced his re-election bid for the Venezuelan Presidency well ahead of the October 2012 elections.  But what have his 13 years in power meant to Venezuela’s oil industry which drives the economy and provides the means for the President’s political and financial pandering?  What can the industry expect if he remains in office and even if he does go (which is highly unlikely) what would the country’s NOC PDVSA need to do to get back on its feet?   

Tightening Oil Sanctions on Iran

Tightening Oil Sanctions on Iran
On 1 July the European ban on imports of Iranian crude took hold, complementing UN sanctions that have long been in effect to curb Iran’s overt and clandestine nuclear activities.  In a world that has a growing distaste for armed intervention, there is a rising tide in the use of economic sanctions to curb unwelcome behaviors by rogue states.  But how effective are the imposition of economic sanctions and in the case of  Iran what are the prospects that economic sanctions can curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions?         

The Two Sudans 2012-2013: Oil and Conflict

The Two Sudans 2012-2013: Oil and Conflict
A little over one year after gaining independence, South Sudan finds itself in a grinding war with its northern neighbor with oil at the heart of the conflict.  Sudanese expert Jill Shankleman traces the development of this conflict back well before oil was a critical part of this equation.  With the world wrapped in recession there is a real fear that Sudan’s modest oil wealth, and the potential it holds for the development of both North and South Sudan, will disappear from the international community’s radar screen leaving the populations of both states wrapped in conflict and misery for the foreseeable future.

Second Annual Call for Papers: Asian Energy Security 2012

For the second year in a row, the Journal of Energy Security is seeking expressions of interest from energy scholars, policy makers, and practitioners to contribute to a special edition of the JES scheduled for publication in October 2012.  The focus of this issue will be on Asian energy security.  Organized to coincide with the Singapore International Energy Week, article contributions may cover a wide variety of energy security challenges facing Asian nations including alternative fuels particularly with application in the transportation sector, national energy policy reviews and recommendations, the geopolitics of energy across the region, the confluence of water and energy issues to the future of nuclear and other power generating technologies in Asian nations.

Potential contributors show review the guidelines for submissions to the JES and submit a short (4-5 sentence) abstract by 7 Septembe...
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