Journal of Energy Security

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Issue Content

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1 Expanding the Value of Operational Energy Col Paul Roege
2 Frontline NATO: Energy, Science and the Warfighter Albert Husniaux, Ahmed Ghanmi, and Marc Gietter
3 Hydrocarbon Nation: Algeria's Energy Future Dr. Kevin Rosner
4 NATO and the Energy Challenge: A Note From Ambassador Gábor Iklódy Ambassador Gábor Iklódy
5 Stepping Out of the Shadows: Turkmenistan and its Feisty Neighbors Anthony Rinna
6 Why Energy Forecasting Goes Wildly Wrong Steve Yetiv and Lowell Field


US Energy Security Council RT discussion

New Books

Petropoly: the Collapse of America's Energy Security Paradigm
Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century

"Remarkable collection spanning geopolitics, economy and technology. This timely and comprehensive volume is a one stop shop for anyone interested in one of the most important issues in international relations."
U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar

"A small masterpiece -- right on the money both strategically and technically, witty, far-sighted, and barbeques a number of sacred cows. Absolutely do not miss this."
R. James Woolsey, Former CIA Director

"The book is going to become the Bible for everyone who is serious about energy and national security."
Robert C. McFarlane, Former U.S. National Security Advisor
Russian Coal: Europe's New Energy Challenge